Meet your magical
new life companion.

One for all.

All situations.

Created by loving parents, heatle is designed to be the first simple, safe and sustainable device for liquid heating - for yourself and your loved ones. At home, work and on the road.


All generations.

  • Formula for your baby

  • Cocoa for your children

  • Matcha tea for yourself

  • Soup for your (grand)parents

Taste the difference.


Fast, silent, dishwasher safe, lightweight and wireless. Safe and easy to use for everyone.


No plastics, BPA, lime scale or energy waste due to the highest energy efficiency.


Perfectly tempered liquid for tea, baby food or hot chocolate - measured from within!


Use Heatle offline - or with the Heatle app to customize and extend your experience.

Elegant meets powerful.


Bluetooth chip

Mineral glass


Silky matt finish

LED matrix

Smooth carbon

Food-grade steel

Natural wood

All specs | Alle Eigenschaften

  • Vessel type: any non-metallic
    (ceramic, glass, wood, plastic, paper...)
  • Time to boil 100°C): depends on bottom thickness;
    250ml water in under a minute in thin glass cups
  • Temperature range: 30-100°C via rotary knob in 5°C steps;
    1°C steps and custom presets via app
  • Thickest viable cup bottom: 2cm
  • Base diameter: 177mm
  • Base height: 65mm
  • Magic wand: 250mm
  • Disc diameters: 40-50mm (removable)
  • Max power: 2.000 watts
  • Voltage: 220-230V
  • Materials:
    • Wand Handle: Carbon fibre
    • Wand tube: stainless steel
    • Heating dics: stainless steel
    • Base top: tempered mineral glass
    • Base knob: natural wood
    • Base body: plastic (TBD)
  • Erlaubte Gefäße: alle nicht-metallischen
    (Keramik, Glas, Porzellan, Holz, Plastik, Pappe...)
  • Zeit zum Kochen (100°C): abhängig von Gefäß und Flüssigkeit;
    250ml Wasser in unter 60 Sekunden bei dünnem Gefäßboden
  • Temperaturbereich: 30-100°C in 5er Schritten via Drehregler;
    1er Schritte sowie gespeicherte Voreinstellungen via App
  • Dickster erlaubter Gefäßboden: 2cm
  • Durchmesser Basis: 177mm
  • Höhe Basis: 65mm
  • Länge Zauberstab: 250mm
  • Durchmesser Heizscheiben: 40-50mm (abnehmbar)
  • Maximale Leistung: 2.000W
  • Betriebsspannung: 220-230V
  • Material:
    • Stabgriff: Karbonfaser
    • Stabrohr: Edelstahl
    • Heizscheibe: Edelstahl
    • Basisdeckel: gehärtetes Mineralglas
    • Drehregler: Echtholz
    • Basiskörper: Kunststoff (TBD)

Clean lifestyle. Clean planet.

Did you know?

Your electric kettle wastes up to 60% of energy per cup. And to heat other liquids you need additional wasteful appliances, over 85% of which never get recycled.

Heatle's pioneering liquid heating technology contributes to less e-waste and helps save valuable water and energy in every household and office every single day.


Better quality of life.

No more descaling kettles, scrubbing burned milk or guessing the outcome with the microwave. Let Heatle into your life and it will enchant you and your loved ones. 

Share the magic.

Having friends or family over? No need to heat cup by cup - just bring out your nice, clean, beautiful teapot made of glass or ceramic and effortlessly heat 1 or 1.5 liters. Let everyone enjoy the purest taste without lime or plastics!


Patents and awards.

Heatle has 3 international patents pending, is 2020's finalist of Berlin's Innovation Award, and was awarded with all 3 main prizes at BPW2020.

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Try before you buy.

Heatle isn't just amazing, it's also real. We're exhibiting one demo unit at The Latest Store in the heart of West Berlin, right on KuDamm 38. Drop by and convince yourself!


The UK is convinced. Are you?

"It's cheaper to run and faster than a kettle."

The legendary Jon Bentley, Season 32 Episode 04


Bring magic into your life!

Get your new magical companion for all liquids and life situations.

Fast, safe and convenient

Saves time, money & energy

Clean & precise


€149 (save €100)