Your magical new life companion.

You'll never want to live without.

One for all life situations.

Created by loving parents, heatle is designed to be the first simple, safe and sustainable device for liquid heating - for yourself and your loved ones. At home, work and on the road.


All generations. One device.

  • Formula for your baby

  • Cocoa for your children

  • Matcha tea for yourself

  • Soup for your (grand)parents

Taste the difference.


Fast, silent, dishwasher safe, lightweight and wireless. Safe and easy to use for everyone.


No plastics, BPA and energy waste due to highest energy efficiency (kettles are ø55%).


Perfectly tempered liquid for tea, baby food or hot chocolate - measured from within!


Unlock new features and recipes for beverages, eggs, meat, fish, pasta...

Heatle up your life.

Enjoy every moment.

We believe that our lives shouldn't be spent on descaling filthy kettles, scrubbing burned milk or struggling every night with the baby bottle. Heatle will help you to get more out of your life: precious moments to spend with the ones you care about - or just yourself. You deserve it.


Clean lifestyle. Clean planet.

Did you know?

Your electric kettle wastes up to 60% of energy per cup. And to heat other liquids you need additional wasteful appliances, over 85% of which never get recycled.

Heatle's pioneering liquid heating technology contributes to less e-waste and helps save valuable water and energy in every household and office every single day.


"Heatle is the most efficient way to heat water and liquids."


Prof. Sebastian Feucht

HTW Berlin, University of Applied Sciences

Professor for Industrial Design & Sustainability


Magic every day.

  • One device for all liquids

  • Fast, convenient, versatile

  • Easy and safe to use for all

  • Saves energy and water

  • Free from nasties